Victory Ground

By Pastor Gary Gilmore

Victory Ground reveals that from the day a person accepts Jesus as Savior, that person is placed on Victory Ground! The outcome of every battle and every trial has already been won. In light of that truth, this book shows how to enjoy this victory which was not earned, but given to us as part of our salvation.    

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Empowered to Serve

By Pastor Gary Gilmore

Jesus has called us to service, but our service must be powerful and effective. Here are seven areas that will bring power into your service. Pastor Gary encourages, “You can be powerful—a force to change your home, your street, your town, your world. You can release the mind and will of God in your life for effective, powerful service, and the Lord will say, ‘Well done!’”

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Homestead of Faith—The Christian Legacy & Heritage of the Tribble-Vernon Family

By Judy Gilmore

One woman’s faith in God during difficult circumstances transformed her family to be transformers—generation after generation! 

A preaching and teaching dynasty exploded during the 1950s and ’60s with the Vernon brothers and Roger Tribble! They started many churches, and the four youngest Vernon brothers and their families starred in their own nationally televised series, Homestead USA, about the Christian family.

This book tells the story of these heroes, including the true story of their forefathers who experienced challenges and victories. A young woman overcame a great family problem with God’s promise and tough-love. Instead of breeding death and discouragement, her faith and tenacity opened the door for her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond to spread the love of God! By following their road of homesteading Heaven on earth, you will be encouraged with your own life and family!